Too Quickly; A Pastoral Prayer

Heavenly father, there are constant reminders that life changes fast.  Just a week or so ago, there was two feet of snow on the ground.   Now there is barely a hint of it remaining.   Where we just thinking about shoveling snow, now we are checking our lawns for leaves that still need raking.  Things change, but not just outside.

Just yesterday my girls were little, and now; not so much.   Just yesterday our jobs were safe and secure; maybe not so much today.   Yesterday a friend or a loved one was healthy; today those times seem far away.

In the speed of the world around us, we all too quickly fall behind,…often times we feel like spectators to change that we are not a part of.   Maybe sometimes is a change that we want no part of.

Things get pushed off, things remain undone, and those things we mean to say or accomplish get lost.  In the end, there is little argument that there are times when we all wish we could just slow things down for a day or two, or for just a moment to catch our breath.

Lord, today we ask for your forgiveness for the things you would have us do, but we don’t.  Forgive us for not speaking the kind word, offering hope, or giving you thanksgiving because we were too caught up in the coming or going of our lives.   Keep reminding us that there is a person we are meant to be and a life we are too live, even if we are too busy to see it, or work towards it.

Despite that craziness, we realize that life has a way of slowing each of us down.   Sometimes we slow gradually.  Sometimes it all comes to a crashing halt.   Sometimes the brakes are applied to our lives through unexpected pain, grief, or sadness.   In these moments, Let us be strong enough, brave enough, and patient enough to wait on you.   In these moments let us grow in assurance of your love and your grace, so as we move through the darkness we don’t fall, fail, or give up.

Let us be people who see and celebrate you at all times and in all things.  Let us see you in the miracles of our day to day as well as in the stories and celebrations of our neighbors.   Let us never lose sight of the small miracles found in the regular that sing of your love and your grace.  

Help us to be those who not only slow down when times get tough, but who pause throughout our everyday,  in order to be in your peace and in your presence.   We offer these prayers, amidst our craziness and missed reminders, to a God who listens and a God who responds.  

Father, Hear our prayers.


(Pic by “Snugg”, who has an awesome photo stream at (
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