Me, Paris Hilton, and a Wicked Time in NYC

paris hilton 2

Its in the hands… Its all in the hands…

As many of you know, I recently returned from New York City. To be honest, it was perhaps the worse timing imaginable, barely recovered from a nasty cold, but for Christmas I purchased tickets for my wife and kids to see the Broadway play Wicked, and there was no rescheduling. In the end, it was incredible and such an enjoyable experience. The play was magical, and we all were so spellbound by this prequel to the familiar Wizard of Oz story, that we each decided we all wanted to read the novel from which this play were based.

The whole adventure was a very special – albeit a short – getaway for my family. We drove the car to New Haven, hopped a train and two hours later we were at Grand Central Station. From there we made our trek to our hotel – about a mile away on foot – smack dab in the middle of Times Square.

We had so much fun just exploring this crazy part of NYC. It is said that approximately 3% of the adult population of this country lives in NYC, and it seems like every last one of them was in this 4 or five city block section on or about Times Square. With the explosion of neon and noise, it is as if you are stepping foot into another world. It is certainly a world filled with millions of sermon illustrations.


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