The Odd Vernon Johns


I would like to introduce – or reintroduce you if the case may be – to a rather peculiar man named Vernon Johns.    He was a man who few know of, but for those who do; a man certainly unlikely to be forgotten.   Vernon Johns was an odd bird, yet his story deserves retelling.


We Don’t Live in Kansas Anymore…


Note:  The following was the sermon presented upon my recent return from Seminary in DC, and the last trip required for 2012.     I had planned on taking the Sunday of my return off as well, but my oldest daughter had volunteered to deliver part of the message, so there wasn’t a “Snowballs Chance” of me sleeping in.   I think that when all is said and done, its fitting to repost it on MLK’s birthday.


Washington DC is one of my absolute favorite places in the world.   I love it, because of the history that you virtually trip over as you go about your business.    Then somewhere along the way, you realize that DC is the most powerful city in the world and you suddenly realize that you are in the center of it.    Beyond those reality, the city is truly one of the neatest places ever to people watch; one of my favorite of past times.

With that said, the seminary sits on the very edge of DC amidst one of the most beautiful sections of the city.   The school sits at the very center of the American University Campus and almost directly across the street from Georgetown School of Law.  


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