A Sea of Red…


If your preferred social network friend list is anything like mine, the above image has repeated itself over and over again since the last week.  By replacing the profile pic formerly of their cat, dog, kid, or lunch, millions of people are declaring their declaration of support of marriage equality in the United States.  Instantly folks from all over the country were changing their pics, and the image went viral in a matter of hours.

As a result, millions of people logged and saw the flood of red in news feeds and status updates.   Now a week has past, and our limited attention spans are quickly being nudged elsewhere.  As such, you are slowly seeing a return of the aforementioned puppy, kid, or burger.   Come June, when the Supreme Court is slated to issue their ruling, I imagine that there will be few, if any, of the icons left on pages.  Perhaps on the eve of that decision there will be a new image that goes viral.


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