Sacramental Moments…

girl dreaming

As Christians the promise of our faith is that slowly, and sometimes with great effort, each one of us will be wonderfully transformed into the likeness of that first century Jew who figured it all out.   Along the journey to embracing that uniquely life changing way, we will come to see God for who God is, and become new and reborn people.   In the end the people we once were, will no longer be, and what will be left will be new, different and dramatic.  We will be people who see the world in a whole new light.

It is in that transformation that our eyes are opened to God’s presence and grace that surround us,  as well as the power inherent in the possession of this wondrous gift.   

In a not so small way…this new world, this new status, and this new reality is often expressed in a unique, albeit rarely used, greek word;  mysterium.


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