That Evil Flying Fish

It is with great fear and reverence that I introduce you to the most diabolical of  creatures.   Be it know that this evil and diabolical creature has a name.   That creature is called ‘Flappy Bird’.

flappy bird 1

Maybe some of you have been blessed with ignorance of this creature and may be reading this and asking what exactly is this Flappy Bird?   With great dread – Let me share with you the evil of his ways.   Flappy Bird is not a cute and cuddly as he at first appears.


Holy Moly…The First Chemo…

The last post on my wife’s cancer diagnosis received an incredible outpouring of love, prayers and well wishes.  Within a few days, the post became one of the most read ever on this site, and was accessed by friends, family, acquaintances and strangers from all over the world.   <You can read that post here> As we think about the scope of its reception, we find ourselves both humbled and blessed.  It is a gift to know that folks are praying for Stacey and our family, and your well wishes mean a great deal to all of us.

In the aftermath of that post, we have received well over two dozen emails from readers of this site asking for an update on my wife and our family’s journey.    I apologize for taking so long to return here and to provide that update.   Hopefully this post will explain both the reasons behind that tardiness and provide an update on the craziness of life in the Masters’ house for those who would appreciate it.

The Bad News; It’s Cancer.


‘It’s Cancer’ is perhaps the scariest words a loved one can say, and they will suck the breath from your lungs.   At the Masters’ household the words have hung heavily.   As some of you know, and others will learn by this both overdue and much avoided posting, we learned in early August that my wife Stacey has breast cancer.

This message was born from a ‘cancer coming out’ acknowledgement to the congregation I serve, tearfully delivered some time ago.  Once we were able to put our situation to words, we quickly packed them away wanting time to work things through. As a family, we needed to work things out for ourselves, before any words on this site could be considered honest.

Now it is time.


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