The Death Crawl

The Death Crawl
It is not often that I begin a message from a football movie…

Okay… Maybe it is….   Perhaps you can humor me once more.

This clip is from the football moving facing the Giants… Its called the death crawl scene, and it’s a perfect commentary on what we are attempting to do as people of faith.

You and I have the opportunity to become the most influential people in this community.

We not only have centuries of history in this place, in our town, and in our communities, but a giant family that backs us up.

We have something that we claim makes us different and the world outside of our church doors have heard us proclaim just that.

With those proclamations echoing through the air, we need to remember, If you walk around defeated, so will they. Our community needs us. Our community is desperate for us to be different, and needs us to make a difference.   But, it’s not only about our neighbors; it goes further than that.

God has given us a gift, and God needs us.

He has created each of us for greatness, and its up to us to make the decision to be the best we can be. He has created each of us with a purpose and a call. God has created us to change this world, and is waiting for us to do precisely that.   It is a fantastic gift we have been given.

The truth is, when we arrive – week in and week out – to our places of worship, we are making a life changing and community transforming decision. We are saying that our desire to sleep in, our desire to focus on me first, our desire to be someone else will be silenced….because we have a job to do. The voices will be silent, because we have a job that needs doing.

So, because of that holy task before us; we come not only to worship and to offer praise, but to live out that call.   We come to remind ourselves and our neighbors of that responsibility.   We come because we have chosen to be better.

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