Butt Prints

Many have heard the poem Footprints in the Sand… 

It was popular in the 1970’s,…and virtually every church I have been has a copy of it somewhere.

It tells the story of a man, who had a dream and saw footprints at the beach.

Confused as to why there was a time when there was only one set, Jesus tells him it is when he carried him during times of trouble.

I heard a recent change to this poem.  Let me share it with all of you now:


One night I had a wonderous dream,

A set of footprints on the sand were seen.

The foot prints of my precious Lord,

Yet mine were not along the shore.


But the a stranger print appears,

I ask the Lord, “What have I here?”

This print is large, round and neat,..but much to big for a pair of feet.


“My Child”, He said in somber tone.

For miles I carried you all alone.

I challenged you to seek my face,

To take up your cross,

To walk in Grace.


 You disobeyed you would not grow,…

You would not stand against the flow.

Your neck grew stiff,

Your voice was mumm.


So there is where I dropped you on your bum.


Because in life there comes a time,

When one must fight, when one must climb.

When one must rise, when one must stand,

Or leave their bum prints in the stand.


There are many of us that need the reminder found in this poem.  

We are certainly carried from time to time, but if we want change…

if we want to meet our goals… if we want to make a difference…. 

We must rise.

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  1. sarahg

     /  September 14, 2011

    Part of me believes it IS THAT simple! Rise! Thanks Scott! great post!

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